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Oh Albert, an LSD oratorio, pays tribute to Albert Hofmann, the Swiss pharmaceutical researcher who, in 1943, accidentally đŸ’„ discovered the hallucinogenic qualities of LSD in Basel, Switzerland. By 🧡 Elia Rediger & Gregor BrĂ€ndli. With William Brittelle (orchestrator), Etienne Abelin (conductor), and The Basel Sinfonietta. Recorded in an old Basel army barracks. ⚠ May contain traces of LSD—the drug that revolutionized computers, brain science, psychology, popular culture, and helped conceive Oh Albert.


  • 1. Sit down at a desktop computer 📌
  • 2. Open or Download Google Chrome 🛰
  • 3. Turn up the stereo 🎧
  • 4. Microdose if needed 🌈
  • 5. Lean back and scroll 🏓

Album «Oh Albert - Live from the Concert Film» is out July 16
on New Amsterdam Records